Friday, March 16, 2012

Keshe Fondation lecture

I headed to Heemstede for a very special lecture, see
Forget everything that you ever heard about energy shortage, unhealth, shortage of resources, materials, and clumsy space flights. This promises to be a revealing lecture. So I wonder, how will it match with the insights and work of Jim Starry that I presented in this blog earlier?
The website  gives a little taste of the extraordinary promising new venture of the nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe born in Iran, working from Belgium (UPDATE: since 2013 moved to Italy, in 2015 headquarter in Trani LUM University, near Bari, Italy).

By the way: Iran captured an American spy drone end of last year. It was all in the news. What the news did not tell loudly is that the drone was taken down without any damages. This seems to have been possible due to Mr. Keshe's magrav technology. See for yourself.

The US spy drone captured by the Iranians. Credit: AFP

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