Friday, August 12, 2016

Love Unity Burst 

Written for ACEcommunity (Agents of Conscious Evolution, by Barbara Marx Hubbard)
(Saturday, 1st November 2014)
This early morning, I could not sleep, but I suddenly felt an extraordinary clarity. I did see a little earlier the waxing half-moon, and it was so clear and pure it seemed. Reflecting the serene moment, I became overwhelmed with gratitude, and I started to remember many people that I have met in my life. Some of the most dear ones appeared first, and I felt so blessed to share or have shared time, space, emotions, soul, spirit with them/you. Gradually, invisible threads weaved them all together. A warm feeling overcame me, as I expanded the group of dearest friends expanded to friends, family (yes, ALL of the family members, easier and easier to do from such a powerful love and unity field), colleagues, workshop and conference participants from recent and long gone events. Social friends and one time acquaintances showed op on the radar. This started to encompass a huge network, where even the ones that these extended families know and love were included (an insight I had long ago, but could not make tangible in such a powerful way as now). It enlarged to those who did harm me in the past, conscioiusly or unknowingly, I could forgive them as they reflect(ed) an aspect of myself anyway.

And I could include even those evil - but what is evil, when having had a role in humanity’s ascension history and evolutionary struggles in hindsight??- conglomerates who think they rule the world (see my earlier essays ‘A Secret Sacred Story’ and ‘Why Postpone Paradise?’ at
Their role has finished when we include them in our love, not by sanctioning their war-mongering stealing cheating religious hate fear divide tactics, but by wearing out any thoughts and feelings of dis-unity that the/ir mass media try to lure us into every single moment. It is we the people who are more powerful by holding to love, unity, compassion - also for the animal, plant, mineral, ethereal kingdoms.

It is the moment to build from the inside out a transformed (if timely needed, parallel) world. All the ingredients are present. It can be organized by a structure that Barbara Marx Hubbard has envisioned as ‘Wheel of Co-Creation’.
Plasma space technology will r-evolutionize with the simplest possible means our whole life. Mr Keshe is at present teaching and co-creating via Livestream a new understanding of the universes. With stunning solutions for all the present catastrophies, machinations and apocalyptical threats.
- Have we entered a new era of love, understanding and unity?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

How to end nuclear energy in a rapid way

Today, in the 70th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, the nuclear physicist Mehran Keshe has explained why the nuclear (which is plasma energy) power stations have to be taken off-grid very rapidly.
The simple systems presented in an extensive workshop series 68 by the African teacher Alekz produces more energy than it consumes. Even better, the more it consumes, the more it produces! THAT is a new kind of economy!
As i understand from today's workshop. the plasma energy nano-coats the transport grid. The copper lines become super-conductive. So the energy production (as a field of plasma) magnifies itself.
Welcome to the Third Millennium... and to the Space Age.
Congratulations on Iran by becoming the leading plasma technology nation.

A New Life Symbol

(from the website

This is a simple yet profound logo which dates back to 1976. After having had an extraordinary experience on ultimate human unity in Spring 1975 i decided to organize a Peace Festival to express these insights. One of my first sketches for a logo was the Peace (Nuclear Disarmament) symbol - but now with a head and hands. The leaflets stated accordingly: 'You have a head and hands. Create peace.' The festival took place on 6th and 7th August 1977 with a modest but enthusiastic participation of some 5000 people. The overall motto was: Suppose they give a war and no-one comes?, a track of the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band's second album. At the CD-Now (Amazon) website, see Phil Rogers reviews around page 13 for comprehensive information on these undeservingly underrated musical highlights.

A little later, by the end of 1977, reflecting on an extremely massive promotion of nuclear power stations in Switzerland i attempted to enter the mind of those promoters, to guess what their possible next steps could be. At once i understood, that those who assume they rule over the world follow oh so often the same procedure: Divide et impera, divide and rule. Were we therefore on the verge of a made-up battle of the anti-nuclear-power versus anti-nuke-weapons action groups? Their respective symbols were the Nuclear Disarmament symbol and the 'Nuclear Energy? No thanks' laughing sun. Combining the shape of one and the colors of the other linked the two movements visually. - Buttons and stickers were produced in Switzerland for the Easter-march 1978. Attempts to distribute this logo worldwide didn't succeed then.

Many years later i suddenly became aware of the similarity of the Peace Festival logo with the Universal Man design by Leonardo da Vinci. But in the late 80's this man-figure was outdated. It needed a female side. - Then i worked on the sketches to design 
A life-symbol for the third Millennium...

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Peace in Our Times

Keshe Spaceship Institute has declared every 21st of the month as a day of Peace, starting from 21st June 2015. You can join by signing a Peace Treaty at the Keshe Foundation website.
How about combining the lifework of John Lennon and Yoko Ono with this effort?
Their campaign 'War is Over - If You Want It!' is a perfect match.
I designed a poster to this effect, here in English. This website has some 100 languages.
PDF of the poster below is also available.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Towards A Better Airport Region

Friday 31st October 2014 was a conference (link in Dutch) at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam which focussed on possible future scenarios for Schiphol Airport and its surroundings. The studies were presented by Podium voor Architectuur Haarlemmermeer, Schiphol in cooperation with ETH Zurich.
We were able to draw attention to the Starrport and made some new contacts. The Starrport became a main discussion point during the pause, and we expect to connect soon with various stakeholders.
We will keep you informed.

Friday, April 25, 2014

V20 First test run with all group members

Keshe non-nuclear reactor, a well-documented experiment of plasma technology. Via Youtube and Livestream, you can follow the newest developments. A third-millennium space technology that will evolutionize EVERYTHING. See also

Thursday, January 30, 2014

45 minutes explain it all!

First published today 30 Jan 2014, a talk given just a few days ago.

How to clean up the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plants and the Earth's environment. Mehran Keshe's space technology unravels the building blocks of the universe(s). Here applied to utterly urgent problems. Many related solutions.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Keshe Fondation lecture

I headed to Heemstede for a very special lecture, see
Forget everything that you ever heard about energy shortage, unhealth, shortage of resources, materials, and clumsy space flights. This promises to be a revealing lecture. So I wonder, how will it match with the insights and work of Jim Starry that I presented in this blog earlier?
The website  gives a little taste of the extraordinary promising new venture of the nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe born in Iran, working from Belgium (UPDATE: since 2013 moved to Italy, in 2015 headquarter in Trani LUM University, near Bari, Italy).

By the way: Iran captured an American spy drone end of last year. It was all in the news. What the news did not tell loudly is that the drone was taken down without any damages. This seems to have been possible due to Mr. Keshe's magrav technology. See for yourself.

The US spy drone captured by the Iranians. Credit: AFP

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Conference postponed

Our planned conference with Jim Starry is postponed. The next possible date is during the ISAS-Festival in Amsterdam, now planned in February 2012. We will need some support for this. The most desirable case would be when somewhere in the world, the first Starrport will be realized as a beginning of a new chapter in Aviation & Environment. The benefits are numerous. Built on one third of the land, for half the cost and yielding four times the revenue of a known airport. Plus huge time savings, security enhancements, maximum comfort, minimal environmental impact. Part of an advanced overall concept for rapid individual and public transport.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Starrport.Ning replaced

Starrport (Jim Starry's design for environmentally-friendlier airports) had an own Ning site. It was planned to be a channel for updates and community building for Starrport. Because of spam and other adversities, the Ning will be suspended. Instead, point to where you can find an introduction video with Jim Starry himself who introduces his Starrport. A two-minute version is free, the full 8:36 version and some 200 high quality lifestyle videos in an advertising-free environment are available with a modest one-time subscription of $ 9,-.