Friday, August 12, 2016

Love Unity Burst 

Written for ACEcommunity (Agents of Conscious Evolution, by Barbara Marx Hubbard)
(Saturday, 1st November 2014)
This early morning, I could not sleep, but I suddenly felt an extraordinary clarity. I did see a little earlier the waxing half-moon, and it was so clear and pure it seemed. Reflecting the serene moment, I became overwhelmed with gratitude, and I started to remember many people that I have met in my life. Some of the most dear ones appeared first, and I felt so blessed to share or have shared time, space, emotions, soul, spirit with them/you. Gradually, invisible threads weaved them all together. A warm feeling overcame me, as I expanded the group of dearest friends expanded to friends, family (yes, ALL of the family members, easier and easier to do from such a powerful love and unity field), colleagues, workshop and conference participants from recent and long gone events. Social friends and one time acquaintances showed op on the radar. This started to encompass a huge network, where even the ones that these extended families know and love were included (an insight I had long ago, but could not make tangible in such a powerful way as now). It enlarged to those who did harm me in the past, conscioiusly or unknowingly, I could forgive them as they reflect(ed) an aspect of myself anyway.

And I could include even those evil - but what is evil, when having had a role in humanity’s ascension history and evolutionary struggles in hindsight??- conglomerates who think they rule the world (see my earlier essays ‘A Secret Sacred Story’ and ‘Why Postpone Paradise?’ at
Their role has finished when we include them in our love, not by sanctioning their war-mongering stealing cheating religious hate fear divide tactics, but by wearing out any thoughts and feelings of dis-unity that the/ir mass media try to lure us into every single moment. It is we the people who are more powerful by holding to love, unity, compassion - also for the animal, plant, mineral, ethereal kingdoms.

It is the moment to build from the inside out a transformed (if timely needed, parallel) world. All the ingredients are present. It can be organized by a structure that Barbara Marx Hubbard has envisioned as ‘Wheel of Co-Creation’.
Plasma space technology will r-evolutionize with the simplest possible means our whole life. Mr Keshe is at present teaching and co-creating via Livestream a new understanding of the universes. With stunning solutions for all the present catastrophies, machinations and apocalyptical threats.
- Have we entered a new era of love, understanding and unity?